Asia Fintech Angels (“AFTA”) is an Asian Angel Investor Network dedicated to and specialized in Fintech and Financial Innovation. Consisting of Senior Financial Services Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Technologists and Venture Capitalists, AFTA provides funding, introductions and practical hands on mentoring to early stage Fintech businesses in Asia or those outside Asia looking to bring their business to the region.

Their members invest not only their money, but their time to help turn great ideas into great companies. Asia Fintech Angels believe that the true value add of an Angel Investor comes after the check is written. By leveraging their vast personal networks, broad knowledge and specific expertise they will partner with their portfolio companies to help them accelerate their growth and build a sustainable and successful business. AFTA’s Mission:

1) Identify innovative, market changing, early stage Fintech Entrepreneurs in Asia or those outside Asia looking to expand their business into the region

2) Establish a consortium of curated Angel Investors with unparalleled experience, knowledge and network in Asian Financial Services

3) Connect early to seed stage Fintech businesses with experienced Fintech Angel Investors and co-operate on syndicated deals with Angel Group partners and VC Firms.

4) Facilitate the growth and development of our portfolio companies by making introductions to their network and assisting in business development, team building, strategic planning and future fundraising.

5) Play a leading role in the development of the Asia Fintech ecosystem by organizing and participating in Fintech Industry events, seminars, and education and partnering with other members of the Asia Fintech community

6) Enhance cross border co-operation and links with the Global Fintech community by establishing partnerships and working relationships with key Fintech players across Asia, US and Europe.