AimBrain is the mobile biometric authentication platform. They help you to know if your users really are who they say they are.

The platform consists of three modalities – behavioural (tracks not only what the user enters, but also how they enter it – ready now and already trialled by major UK banks), facial and voice (ready in Q1 2016). By having multiple modalities in one package they make it very easy to have a step-up authentication mechanism within a single application. Finally, their patent-pending technology is the only one in the industry that is able to authenticate the user based on the context they are in.

Their founding team is highly technical and consists of ex-Toshiba, Google, ARM, European Space Agency and CERN engineers and doctorates working on the most recent machine learning advancements to deliver the best solution for mobile biometric authentication.

Founded in July 2014 and based in London, AimBrain are backed by a highly respected London VC, Episode 1, and are rapidly expanding their team to deliver multiple projects with the major UK high street banks and security companies.